The crew took a "time out" for a photo at the top of the Empire State Building while filming in New York City last June. "America's Cities" is a production of Urban Life Video, a small independent film company consisting of two brothers, Dave & Dan Westbrook and Mick Dunnewin. Dave is the director, Dan is cameraman and editor, and Mick is the sound man. DW
This project took the crew to major cities across America, including New York City, Washington D.C., and Atlanta. Filming included interviews with top experts in our nation's capital, leading universities, the military, individuals who have been in city disasters such as New Orleans and New York City, street interviews, and families who are taking steps to prepare for a coming crisis - like the Balabans, whose son Andrew is seen here preparing to be interviewed in the Atlanta area last October.
We're really grateful for the opportunity to talk with so many people about such an important topic", said Dave, seen here interviewing Grant Petersen, former associate director of FEMA. "It's only confirmed something we already knew, that America's cities are facing some difficult times, and people need to be prepared. That's the good news - there are steps everyone can take to be prepared, and we believe this film will offer some very compelling reasons to take this seriously."
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